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Required action when there is a Confirmed Case of COVID-19 in the Gym

Contact tracing is essential in the fast response and control of COVID-19 spread. NSW Health are working closely with community groups to inform of suspected or confirmed cases, and will help advise with necessary steps. 

In the case that your member informs you directly;


  1. Contact the NSW Health Department on 1800 020 080 report the case knowing the following:

    1. Participants full name

    2. Date and time the member was in the gym

    3. Length of time they were in the gym

    4. Number of people in the building at the time

    5. Contact details of those people

  2. Contact the Gymnastics NSW COVID Safety Officer on 0488 111 260

  3. Inform your members via the below methods. 


Contact Tracing

Close Contact

A 'close contact' is someone who has spent significant time either face-to-face (15mins) or in an enclosed space (two hours or more) as someone who has tested positive for the coronavirus. In gymnastics this will include the coaches and athletes involved in the class at the same time as the infected athlete or coach. 

Parents will be notified via a phone call and formally in writing if their child has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive to COVID-19 while at gymnastics. Parents will be notified when they can return to gymnastics. 

Casual Contact

A 'casual contact' is someone who has been in the facility at the time the confirmed case (for example in multipurpose centres with other sports in operation) was onsite but has not had close contact with the confirmed case. Where a child is not deemed a close contact to a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the gymnastics community, parents will be advised to monitor for symptoms and seek treatment if appropriate. In these situations, gymnasts and coaches are not required to self-isolate and can continue to attend engage in their normal activities within the community.

All families will receive a formal letter from the gymnastics to advise what to do if they have been at gymnastics  on a day when the confirmed case was considered to be infectious.

Guidelines based off the NSW DET Response Protocols for COVID-19 

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