Physical Distancing good practice

 Good practice physical distancing principles are to: 

  1. Follow and maintain up to date Club COVID Business Plans

  2. As of 12 February 2021 maintain 1 person per 2sqm 

  3. A minimum of 1.5 meters for persons not from the same household

  4. Masks should be worn when social distancing cannot be maintained 


Due to current restrictions on indoor sport the measures outlined in the Return to Gymnastics Plan are intended to provide guidance that will inform planning as the restrictions are lifted. 

Our Plan

Physical distancing (also known as social distancing) is one of the most effective methods of reducing the spread of viruses. 

The more space between you and others the harder it is for the virus to spread.

If a person is found to be positive for COVID-19, the risk of transmission to the rest of the workforce is minimised if the workplace has been practicing social distancing.

Resources for Clubs


  1. Complete the Physical Distancing checklist - created by Gymnastics NSW. 

Additional Information

  1. Physical Distancing for guide for PreSchool (KinderGym age) - created by Safe Work Australia

Download and Print

  1. Maximum Capacity Poster template - created by Gymnastics NSW 

  2. Physical Distancing Poster for KinderGym - created by Gymnastics NSW

  3. Physical Distancing Poster - created by Gymnastics NSW

  4. Limited Spotting Poste- created by Gymnastics NSW

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