Our Plan

Good hygiene and surface cleaning is one of the most affective methods of preventing the spread of COVID-19. 

In addition to regular and thorough surface cleaning of all common areas (doors, tables etc.), gymnastics clubs will also need to ensure the regular cleaning of gymnastics equipment, per manufacturers guidelines. 

Gymnastics NSW encourage the regular hand sanitising and cleaning of athletes hands before and after they participate on gymnastics equipment. 

Gymnastics NSW acknowledge that our sport utilises a wide variety of diverse equipment, with their own unique cleaning needs.

Gymnastics NSW will follow the cleaning recommendations of equipment set by the manufacturers. 

This information can be found below. 

2. Cleaning Guidelines -
General and Gymnastics Specific

Gymnastics NSW encourage clubs to utilise the below checklists and information to assist them in the planning and preparation of their environment. 


  1. Cleaning Checklist - created by Safe Work Australia

Additional Resources

  1. How to disinfect the workplace - created by Safe Work Australia

  2. Hygiene Education - created by Gymnastics Australia

  3. Cleaning surfaces - created by Gymnastics Australia

  4. Q&A with Gymnastics Australia Chief Medical Officer , Dr Kathy Yu​

  5. Q & A with Gymnastics Australia Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Kathy Yu (video) - Gymnastics Australia

  6. Cleaning and equipment hygiene (video) - Gymnastics Australia