Our Plan

All Gymnastics NSW programs must follow social distancing, tracking, WHS and cleaning requirements; and participants must stay home if unwell

Gymnastics NSW and its clubs are committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of employees, volunteers and members attending their office administration. We owe a duty of care and will implement WHS practices in accordance with legal requirements. The duties to consult, risk management, induction, education and training, COVID Safe Officer and Managing a suspected COVID 19 case may be found under the WHS section of this plan.

Whilst its not mandatory, all employees are encouraged to access the free COVID-19 vaccination after seeking medical advice. 


To assist clubs to promote a COVID safe environment please find links to resources created by Safe Work Australia and Gymnastics NSW below.



  1. Duties Under WHS Law - created by GNSW

  2. Key Considerations for Risk Assessment - created by Safe Work Australia 

  3. National COVID-10 safe Workplace Principles 

  4. National Statement for regulatory intent - created by Safe Work Australia

Planning the workplace 

When considering the GNSW Office, or the office space of NSW gymnastics clubs, it is essential to plan and prepare the office space before employees return. 


  1. Workplace Checklist - created by Safe Work Australia

  2. Physical Distancing Checklist - created by Safe Work Australia

  3. What do I  need to do to keep workers safe?  - created by Safe Work Australia 

  4. 5 things to do in COVID-19 - created by Safe Work Australia 

  5. Vaccination in the Workplace created by Safe Work Australia


Cleaning the workplace

Below are some office specific checklists to assist in the cleaning of surfaces. 


  1. Cleaning Checklist - created by Safe Work Australia


  1. Cleaning Infosheet - created by Safe Work Australia

  2. How to disinfect the workplace - created by Safe Work Australia 

Suspected COVID-19 case in the workplace


  1. Suspected or confirmed case - created by Safe Work Australia


  1. Emergency Plan template