Our Plan

Gymnastics clubs also have a responsibility to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of participants, volunteers and employees which includes their physical and mental wellbeing. We have a duty to consult with employees and their representatives on all health and safety matters including COVID 19. 


This section of the Return to Gymnastics Plan provides information and resources to assist your club to ensure that it is meeting is requirements. These include:


  • Consultation


  • Induction, education and training


  • Risk Management


  • COVID Safe Officer


  • Emergency management


Gymnastics NSW and its clubs will consult with employees to ensure everyone associated with the work has a shared understanding of what the risks are, which workers are affected, and how the risks will be controlled. 


  1. Work health and safety consultation, cooperation and coordination code of practice - created by Safe Work Australia

  2. How to Manage WHS Risk n the Workplace - Code of Practice - created by Safe Work Australia


Risk Management

To manage risks associated with COVID 19 within clubs, Gymnastics NSW will work with clubs to adopt the NSW WHS Code of Practice. 

Under the Code employers have a primary duty of care to, as far as reasonably practical, eliminate risks to the health and safety of their workers (paid and unpaid), our members and visitors. 

Clubs will manage risk by:

  1. thinking about what could go wrong, 

  2. determining what the consequence might be and

  3. deciding what is reasonably practical to minimise or eliminate the risk.

Through consultation with workers each club will determine its priorities for managing risk. These shall be: 

  1. Collectively Identified 

  2. Implemented by ALL

  3. Monitored and reviewed regularly by club management, WHS Representative/Committee


  1. How to Manage Risk - created by Safe Work Australia

Induction, Education and Training

Effectively communicating the Gymnastics NSW rebooting expectation is imperative to ensure a COVID 19 safe workplace.


To this end, all gymnastics clubs and coaches are required to complete an online induction program which articulates our expectations with regards to:


  • Physical distancing

  • Good hand hygiene and the cleaning and disinfectant of the environment.

  • Stay at home if unwell or exhibiting any symptoms of the virus.

  • Promoting Vaccination for staff, parents and eligible athletes

  • Contact tracing through promotion of the Service NSW App.


Action in when there is a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case

n the case that there is a suspected case of COVID-19 within a gymnastics facility, clubs are to:

  1. Isolate the child in a place where they can me supervised but stay away from others. 

  2. Call the parents and ask for immediate pick up

  3. Ask parents to call from the car upon arrival and have child meet the parent at the car, with a staff supervising from a safe distance. 

  4. Record the time, class and date of the gymnasts attendance and keep in an easy to file place. 

  5. Follow up with family the next day. 

In the case that there is a CONFIRMED POSITIVE case in the gym;

  1. Confirm the date and time the member was in the facility. 

  2. Call NSW Health (if they have't already contacted you) on 13 10 50.

  3. Use the NSW Health Risk Matrix to help determine close contacts. 

  4. Submit all class rolls, staff rosters and any additional sign in measures that is not the Service NSW App. 

  5. Inform NSW Health if any close contacts are identified by emailing

  6. Call Gymnastics NSW, who will action the Crisis Communication Strategy in informing members. 

  7. Conduct a thorough clean of facility. 


  1. Suspected or confirmed case - created by Safe Work Australia

  2. NSW Health Risk Matrix

COVID Safety Coordinator

Gymnastics NSW will elect a COVID Safey Coordinator that will be the key contact for COVID related activity within their club. 


At this stage NSW clubs are not required to have a club COVID Safe Coordinator. If this changes clubs will be notified by Gymnastics NSW and a template position description and training notes will be provided.

The Gymnastics NSW COVIDSafe Coordinator will follow the guidelines set by
The Australian Institute of Sport and this return to gymnastics plan. Clubs that wish to ask questions or report any concerns should contact the GNSW COVIDSafe Coordinator, the Gymnastics NSW Compliance Manager on 0488 111 260. 

Parents and families with additional concerns can contact Gymnastics NSW via the
Gymnastics NSW Grievance Questionnaire.