Gymnastics NSW - Return to Gymnastics

WHS - Induction, Education and Training

Effectively communicating the Gymnastics NSW rebooting expectation is imperative to ensure a COVID 19 safe workplace. To this end, all gymnastics clubs and coaches are required to complete an online induction program which articulates our expectations with regards to:


  • Physical distancing


  • Good hand hygiene and the cleaning and disinfectant of the environment.


  • Stay at home if unwell or exhibiting any symptoms of the virus.


  • Contact tracing through mandatory use of the Service NSW App. 


Gymnastics NSW will maintain a record of clubs and coaches who have completed the induction training.

Gymnastics NSW will provide members with a Parent Guide to Gymnastics and COVID 19. By empowering parents with information regarding the sports expectations of clubs and coaches Gymnastics NSW will further promote COVID 19 safe practices. A dedicated online grievance questionnaire will provide parents and coaches with a vehicle to report unsafe COVID 19 practices within clubs to enable corrective, and where appropriate, disciplinary action to be taken.