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WHS - Managing Risk

To manage risks associated with COVID 19 within clubs, Gymnastics NSW will work with clubs to adopt the NSW WHS Code of Practice. 

Under the Code employers have a primary duty of care to, as far as reasonably practical, eliminate risks to the health and safety of their workers (paid and unpaid), our members and visitors. 

Clubs will manage risk by: 

  1. thinking about what could go wrong, 

  2. determining what the consequence might be and

  3. deciding what is reasonably practical to minimise or eliminate the risk.

Prioritising Risk: 

Through consultation with workers each club will determine its priorities for managing risk.


These shall be: 

  1. Collectively Identified 

  2. Implemented by ALL

  3. Monitored and reviewed regularly by club management, WHS Representative/Committee

To implement these quality improvement measures with workers, Gymnastics NSW recommends that clubs should set a standing item on all meeting agendas for discussion and reporting.